Why E-Invoices ?

E-Invoices is simply collection of Invoicing/Biling tools powered by E-Formz.The application's simplicity and intuitive interface is aimed at quick and efficient invoice issuing. Because of the SaaS environment, your data is securely stored in the Cloud and available to access from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a small or medium business owner or an individual entrepreneur, E-formz will make your work easier. A central dashboard manage all your invoices in a snapshot and keep a track of all invoices at one place.

What is E-Formz?

E-Formz is an online business automation and productivity tool. E-Formz takes the forms / documents used daily, and transforms them into intelligent electronic forms, which can be exported to PDF. Not only it prints correctly, it captures the information 100% correct. You can use E-Formz to link multiple documents in a workflow which is completely customized to your business. To put it simply, E-Formz is an online tool to publish filled-up PDF documents and forms. But it goes much beyond than a simple form filler.